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Civil Sector

Civil Sector

Opening a: Shooting Association with pistol and rifle shooting, target shooting, practical shooting, operative shooting. With polygon and subscription to pull federation of  REQUIRED GOVERNMENT the international federation membership roll.

The association will be shooting organize courses of various kinds, for civil and military.

Land of about four thousand square meters, with eight thousand square meters even with part woodland. with a chance to pull level at one thousand meters.

(Rental or purchase price if convenient)

  • Also to have a free loan, a former barracks, or are parts of former military airfields into disuse.
  • Authorization to set up an Association of shot with polygon territory of  REQUIRED GOVERNMENT license with the purchase and possession of handguns and long for the use of the polygon users.
  • Basic training courses with pistol and carbine for civilians.
  • advanced courses in shooting sports
  • Advanced courses will individually dynamic shooting
  • advanced courses in dynamic shooting team
  • operational techniques courses for Police and Military Forces.
  • International competitive races also.