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A.F.F. courses

The course A.F.F. (Accelerated Free Fall) is born in the States a few years ago and is based on a modern teaching methodology. Thanks to that we have decreased learning time student and have increased at the same time, the safety factors relating to the proper execution of this sport.

AFF skydiving course

The student is in fact placed in a position to try, after being trained with theoretical knowledge, a free fall from the highest point (in our case 4,500 mt.) And a landing with its own parachute. Of course he will be adequately supported by the presence of two instructors who, in flight, will follow him until the time of opening.

From that moment another instructor will follow the radio from the ground to allow rapid learning navigation techniques to open parachute landing.

AFF skydiving course

The course A.F.F. provides 7 levels of exercises that will gradually decrease the work of instructors and increase student capacity until reaching, to the attainment of the 7th level, a total mastery of free fall, use and withdrawal of materials, and more generally of self-sufficiency that will allow him to jump alone and without controls.

AFF skydiving course


All of the course launches will be filmed by a cameraman in freefall with digital GoPro and will be an important tool for teachers and student, as they allow you to make a careful examination of the launch and correct body position in freefall errors.

You can also in a weekend you learn to fly like us! Finished the course you can freely jump into any skydiving center in the world and choose the discipline that you like: skysurf, wingsuit, free-fly, etc.Our skydiving courses are held throughout the year.

Patent Military

The courses for obtaining the patent of interest Military Parachuting are required by D.S.S.A. Paratroopers in their BASES


The three Enabling launches have been carried out at our URBAN WARFARE TRAINING CENTER