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General rules of conduct in THEATRES WAR

General rules of conduct in




His staff, during operations in theaters of war, or in areas of operations, whether all people with whom he comes in contact, according to existing international laws, while respecting their dignity. Will report all violations to the UK Jurisdiction

Rules for the use of force

1) Use of force

adopt rules for the use of force consistent with applicable law and the minimum requirements listed in Section use of force and use; these rules they know the subject of an ‘agreement with the Government of the requesting State.

2) D.S.S.A.

It provides that all complaints to the use of force will comply with applicable law; they shall never exceed the extent strictly necessary, but remain proportionate to the threat and adapted to the situation.

3) D.S.S.A.

It expects its staff to use firearms only in self defense or to defend themselves or others against a real and imminent threat of death or serious injury, or to prevent a particularly serious terrorist act associated with a real danger of death.


4) D.S.S.A.

To the extent that the staff DIVISION

will be formally authorized by the applicant Government to assist the Police and Security Forces, for law and order, can the use of force even with the weapons in accordance with all national and international laws applicable to regular law enforcement officers and the requesting State. With the limits laid down in the basic principles of the United Nations on the use of force and use of firearms by the police forces in the service of public policy.

5) Detention

Can carry detain and interrogate prisoners,

  1. a) formally authorized by the Government of the requesting State
  2. b) It is applied to international law on prisoners of war.
  3. c) All detainees must have a plan under human rights
  4. d) In particular, the prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading.



6) Arrests


Formally authorized by the Government of the requesting State

May arrest or detain individuals as a result of an attack committed against the staff of DIVISION MILITARY COMPANY D.S.S.A. or against persons or property of the requesting State, handing over the detainees within 72 hours to the Police or Local Security.


All the stops will be compatible with international law.


All persons arrested are treated in accordance with their statutes and in compliance with the protection afforded to them by the standards of human rights and international humanitarian law applicable.


The staff, to refrain from all forms of discrimination on race, color, sex, religion, social origin, social status, of ethnicity.



To the extent where this is compatible with the requirements of security



all members are individually identifiable while participating in the activities related to the execution of their mission;


they are properly registered, with the national authorities;


All the material is declared with the national authorities.



Integration of the Code in corporate policies

Personnel selection

They can not be used for individuals below 18 years

The operations personnel must be in possession of the psycho-physical requirements necessary for the performance of assigned missions.





Arms Management

use weapons training


The staff working in war zones are enabled on the type and model of weapon supplied, both personal and departmental,



Management of war material





procedures of the war armament management, and ammunition

(A) armory reserve;

(B) the load control and discharge;

(C) the register of staff who received weapons department supplied with loading and unloading;

Accident and incident reporting


will prepare a report of all injuries or accidents to which our staff and was associated and having given rise to the use of any weapon, what means a shot in any circumstance (except authorized training of shots), of any escalation violence, property damage, injuries, attacks, criminal acts, traffic accidents, accidents to which the other security forces took part and any other report requested by the customer; start to this subject an internal investigation that will determine:

(A) the time and place of the accident or incident;

(B) the identity and nationality of all people involved, with the address and other information needed to contact them;

(C) the injuries and the damage caused;

(D) the facts that preceded the accident or incident;

(E) any measures taken later by


At the end of ‘investigation, it will produce a written report involving the above information, a copy for the customer and to the extent where the legislation in force requires a copy to the competent authority.

Health and safety at work






The staff must adhere to the legal framework of the countries in which they operate and, in general, any form of legality.

He must reject any assets that can be in conflict with the interests of the UK, and NATO-OTAN, both at the level of individuals or of the economic and public sphere.


It has the duty of excellence towards its customers in order to offer a high level of service in the best possible commercial terms. And ‘it supported by a team of founding members and experts of the highest level with outstanding competence.


He must observe strict secrecy in their activities with regard to applicants government and respecting the confidentiality of information.




Constantly develops a respectful spirit of positive body towards its partners and employees. A get together at the highest level, selected, motivated to get into a challenging team with enthusiasm for the problems with safety, risks, and strategic intelligence of a sensitive nature particularly complex.


It must monitor and enforce changes in policies, legislation and professional papers in the field of security and intelligence activities. Maintain a permanent link with the government authorities authorizing its recognition by the United Kingdom authorities and regulators.