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Psychological war


Psychological war

wartime activities:

propaganda and counter-propaganda in support of combat operations.

Activities in peacetime:

study and experimentation of new production and dissemination of psychological material techniques;qualification courses for the officers involved to the psychological operations of major units production of material support for the fight against dangerous phenomena such as drugs, reckless driving and negligence in the handling of weapons.The ways in which it is implemented psychological warfare maneuvers are called psychological or psychological operations (PSYOPS in English, Psychological Operations). These are a modern method used by military institutions defined as a complex of psychological activities implemented through the use of programmed communications, planned in peacetime, crisis and war directed to friends Groups Objective, neutral or enemies (governments, opinions public, organizations, groups or individuals), in order to influence attitudes and behavior affecting the achievement of political and military objectives. Typical psychological operations are the interference to radio and television frequencies and the launching of leaflets from the air to broadcast messages designed to influence public opinion or the troops.

  • Psychological warfare can be assimilated to unconventional warfare, from the viewpoint that it tends to affect the mind of the enemy, instead of destroying the military.
  • Psychological warfare has ancient roots, and is intertwined with campaigns targeting the civil population and of course with the intelligence.